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A-PDF PPT To Video Crack For PC [Updated] 2022


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A-PDF PPT To Video Crack [32|64bit] Latest

A-PDF PowerPoint to Video converter is a great and effective tool to convert Powerpoint presentations into various video formats such as flv, mpeg, avi, etc. and convert PowerPoint presentations to other format such as powerpoint slides.

Procedure to Use A-PDF PowerPoint to Video Converter

First of all, download the free version of the A-PDF Power Point to Video Converter in order to convert PPT presentations to video.

Save the PPT presentations you want to convert to a folder. After that, drag & drop your PPT presentations into the interface to begin the conversion.

Select a video format to the output file. After the video conversion, you can save the output video to the folder you chose.

You can save the preview video to your computer for checking and adjustment if necessary.

A-PDF PowerPoint to Video has many powerful video conversion features:

Free download and enjoy converting your PowerPoint files

Keep original elements unchanged

Enjoy fast performance

Support various output formats

Keep original settings

Support converting PPT files to other video formats, even FLV, AVI, MPG and MP4

A-PDF Power Point to Video Converter comes with a clean design. It is easy to use with clear-cut options and a logically arranged conversion interface

How to Use A-PDF PowerPoint to Video Converter

Step1: Import PowerPoint PPT files

A-PDF Power Point to Video Converter can easily convert PPT files to other video formats. Here are the detailed steps:

Open the A-PDF Power Point to Video Converter and choose the output folder where you want to save your converted video.

Choose the type of video files to be converted by clicking on the “Add” button.

Please upload your PowerPoint presentations from your PC or navigate to where they are to be uploaded by clicking the “Add” button.

Step2: Set Output file settings

In this step, you can choose the output video format, resolution, aspect ratio, orientation and audio settings.

Step3: Start the conversion process

Click the “Convert” button. A-PDF Power Point to Video Converter will convert your PPT files and save the resulting output video files to your selected output folder.

When the conversion is finished, you will be guided through a simple but very effective wizard to show you the output files. Click on the “

A-PDF PPT To Video Crack

Convert PowerPoint presentations to video formats!
Convert PowerPoint presentations to FLV, AVI, WMV, MPEG video formats with the help of this application. Just connect your PowerPoint to your computer and run the application. Its simple and fast to use!
After you run the software, it will download the latest version of PowerPoint. When the download is complete, you need to open PowerPoint and click on Start Presentation. It will then convert your PowerPoint to video format files.
Follow these steps to convert PPT to video format:
1: Drag and Drop PPT files to this software
2: Select desired output format
3: Customize output video or output FLV

4: Click to convert and output videos
Other notable features of this application:
– Previews of the output videos during conversion
– Animated transition effects between slides
– Change the speed of the output videos
– Display PPT files on the computer
– Change the audio settings
– Change video settings
– Choose from a variety of output formats and resolutions
– Adjust the brightness, contrast and volume of the output videos
– Change color formats
– Change the aspect ratio of the output videos
– Add background music
– Change the name of the output files
– Add subtitles to the output videos

– 100% free
– There is no need to install additional software
– Works on all systems

What’s new in this version:
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A-PDF PPT To Video With License Code Download

A-PDF PPT to Video (A-PDF PowerPoint to Video Converter) is the easiest way to convert PowerPoint files to video files. The conversion is ultra fast and it does not change the slides, text, or any of the elements in the PowerPoint presentation.
Tutorials, tips and tricks, tech support and lots of other great features!
The program requires Microsoft PowerPoint. You must first download and install PowerPoint.

Sebastian Villarreal

5 years agofrom Falcon Heights, Minnesota

RE: A-PDF PPT to Video

You do not need to buy the A-PDF PPT to Video converter software, but the 30-day free trial will give you a good idea about how the program works. I have used it and recommend it.


This is a very good tool indeed. I would have rated it 5 stars if it had the option of converting to a DVD format like many other competitors do.

I would like to recommend the product to people who want a universal file converter. It is extremely easy to use and is capable of converting between many file formats.


5 years ago

Best software i have ever used


Superb, easy to use and very fast. I personally hate the PowerPoint software, so I needed a tool like this. The option to create videos from PowerPoint is also great.


5 years ago

Best software i have ever used

A-PDF PPT to Video

Great article, I bought the product for $20 and it is worth every penny.


5 years ago

A-PDF PPT to Video

i was so frustrated that a software does not work for converting ppt files because power point is the most used presentation tool i am so thankful this is a tool that does what it is supposed to.

A-PDF PPT to Video

Awesome software to convert ppt files to video with that you can customize the size, format, quality and resolution of your video. I am thinking to buy this software in future because this is the only tool that I found. This is the best software to convert ppt file to video.

A-PDF PPT to Video

Excellent, I have done PPT to video conversions a few times

What’s New in the A-PDF PPT To Video?

A-PDF PPT to Video is one of the most useful tools for converting PowerPoint presentations to different video formats for easier sharing. The tool includes a series of output file customization options and can keep all of the elements in the original unchanged.
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