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fTalk is a simple and elegant messenger client for Facebook users which lets you chat with your friends, send text messages, video calls and update your Facebook status.
Now you can get in touch with buddies on various social networks mainly without opening a web browser. Users can simultaneously chat with up to 16 friends and keep in touch with friends even when not on the same computer. fTalk can also assist you if you want to update your online status and view friend profiles.
fTalk can use your Facebook account and automatically connect to Facebook’s online chat and chat rooms, as well as your friends’ chat rooms. With fTalk, you can send instant messages, start a video call, as well as visit the interlocutor’s Facebook profile or browse the photo albums. The application allows you to send emoticons to your friends and introduce your own humorous note to personalize your conversations.
fTalk works with Facebook chat and for Facebook Chat as well as offers excellent features. fTalk supports connections with up to 16 friends for stable and intelligent online and offline conversations.
Main features:
– Message and chat with up to 16 friends simultaneously
– Start a video call and open a chat room with your friends
– Update your status
– Update your profile
– Easily view your friends’ Facebook profiles
– View and edit your message history
– Send and receive small images and animations
– Allow or block friends from your chat room and private conversations
– Remove your profile pictures and login details
– And more…
Version 1.1
New:- In the application’s interface, you can add a profile picture by selecting a photo from your computer’s hard drive.- fTalk supports notifications about the online status of your friends.- When you received a message with a photo, the application now automatically opens the image in the browser.
Improvements:- The audio and video call’s visual effects have been improved.- You can now delete your chat history without logging out from the application’s interface.- fTalk makes it easier for you to have a look at your friends’ photos.
Bug Fixes:- fTalk now loads more quickly.- The application has been improved again.

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FTalk Free For Windows

Get in touch with the people you care about in a snap.
fTalk Activation Code puts your Facebook contacts right at your fingertips. Sync your address book, auto sign in to Facebook, and get immediate access to all the latest information about your friends and family. You’re now able to stay in touch with everyone instantly.
Navigate contact by clicking on your contacts or going through a custom list. Every time you log in, Facebook finds your most-used contacts and starts syncing automatically. You can view your friend’s latest activity and status on Facebook right from fTalk.
Download your copy of fTalk here:

The Windows Application Development platform is the most popular desktop application platform for Java and.NET application development. However, many developers still write code for Windows using VB and Winforms.
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 16.0.2 (December 12, 2016) is now available.
Key features:
IDEA 2016.2 features new and enhanced APIs, user experience, usability, stability, performance and reliability improvements.
Cloning support (requires JGit 1.14.0 or higher):
Clones a repository from any location and saves the cloned content to the host’s working space.
Implementation of the Google Drive Drive Client API:
Automatically generates an Android, iOS or Windows Store app from a Google Drive Android, iOS or Windows Store app.
The project window:
The project window contains contextual information about the various elements in the IDE.
Expand the item in the project window and click on Java Build Path or Ant Build Path for more details.
Reduces the impact of errors on the IDE’s performance.
Debug builds with remote debug:
Stop the application and allow debugging at any moment of the application’s execution by enabling remote debugging.
Breakpoints in the debugger are supported.
Improvements in the debugging experience:
The application window is resizable when in debugging mode.
A breakpoint is displayed in the IDE in the debugging view.
When the breakpoint is hit, a breakpoint window opens in the IDE.
The process window is shown in the debugging view.
The current thread is displayed in the IDE’s call hierarchy view.
The call hierarchy view supports the ability to skip referenced classes and methods when analyzing a call hierarchy.
Ant tasks

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Use fTalk to chat and see events with your friends without opening Facebook itself in order to enjoy your free time, save time, boost productivity, enhance your online/offline status and be informed about what is happening in your life.
fTalk Features:
– Create a private conversation with any of your Facebook friends or leave an offline message.
– Send Instant Messages or Start a Video Call to any of your friends, even if they don’t have fTalk installed on their computer.
– You can get notified of when a friend goes online or offline.
– Each time your friend goes online or offline, a small window notification appears near the system tray.
– You can also set notifications about when a friend sends you a message.
– The message history is removed whenever you want.
– fTalk automatically connects to Facebook chat in order to help you stay in touch with friends on the internet.
– Once you get your login credentials, you can access your profile, messages and everything without having to show the Facebook website.
– You can hide fTalk in the system tray when you have a full screen application.
– You can unlink your account and remove all the login details, saved profile pictures and the message history.
fTalk Specifications:
Operating System: Windows
Language: English
Download fTalk for Windows
fTalk for Mac
fTalk for Linux
Additional information on the official web site:

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What’s New In FTalk?

fTalk is a free, easy and friendly way to stay in touch with friends on the web and offline. The software connects to Facebook chat and allows you to communicate with people online or offline, even when the Facebook website is not accessible. Its features include…

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System Requirements For FTalk:

The vast majority of the features will work on a Macbook or Macbook Pro, but if you are interested in some of the features with the new Macbook Air, you can also upgrade the SSD to an M.2 card for about $60. The WiFi chip is a broadcom chipset that should be compatible with anything up to the Air 2013. The RAM can be upgraded to 8gb as well.
-Made sure to use all digits for the WiFi chip and the size (no less than 128gb).
-Added the idea of